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Alpinestars Honda Supertech R Boots

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Alpinestars Honda Supertech R Motorcycle Boots

The Honda Supertech R boot is an evolution of Alpinestars’ legendary racing boot and has undergone a rigorous program of updates. The boot features a new outer material that provides a higher level of protection, flexibility, durability and slip resistance, as well as a new inner boot with an updated construction for more comfort and cushioning at the heel. The best just got better, as nearly every component of the Supertech R racing shoe, worn by an impressive array of former and current champions, has been improved to enhance the shoe’s performance characteristics. Based on feedback from the company’s industry-recognized racing program and collaboration with MotoGP and SBK world champions, the boot’s new innovations include a redesigned front flex area, redesigned rear gaiter, redesigned upper gaiter, new slider and shin plate, new shin slider and new inner boot cover, all of which improve the comfort, protection and performance of the Supertech R and elevate it to a new, class-leading level.


  • Microfiber upper for optimal abrasion resistance while maintaining high flexibility, waterproofing, durability and improved weight
  • Redesigned front flex area for improved impact abrasion while maintaining natural front and rear movement
  • New front flex of injected TPU on breathable mesh area for improved ventilation and airflow for added breathability
  • Redesigned rear gaiter in stretch microfiber for improved natural movement in the front and back
  • Redesigned upper gaiter in microfiber material with TPU overmold for improved grip with leather suit
  • New synthetic microfiber panel on the medial side for improved abrasion resistance, protects against heat transfer and provides excellent grip and improved feel when in contact with the motorcycle
  • New TPU shifter for increased protection on the lower medial side
  • New TPU shin plate has been redesigned for greater impact absorption performance, improving abrasion resistance in a key area
  • New replaceable shin shifter for added abrasion resistance
  • New TPU stretch panel design with zipper for easier entry and exit and a tighter, optimized fit
  • Velcro closure secures the zipper and ensures it stays in place
  • Micro-adjustable ratchet closure at the top of the boot for an optimized fit
  • Velcro closure secures the puller zipper and ensures it stays in place
  • Micro adjustable ratchet closure on top of boot for optimized fit
  • Separate, internally updated bio-mechanical inner bootie made of 3D mesh material for a larger structure that improves rider comfort
  • Inner bootie features a new external toe area with soft TPU reinforcement for better impact protection and additional ankle padding for greater protection, stability and cushioning during natural foot movement
  • Integrated, replaceable, co-injected TPU/aluminum toe slider features a new, simple screw system that protects the toe area from abrasion
  • New replaceable heel plate slider design provides increased slip resistance and protection in the event of a fall
  • The sole is made of a lightweight rubber compound for excellent grip
  • EN 13634:2017

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